BLDC Motor

BLDC Motor

Sensorless and Sensored (Hall Effect sensors) High Speed Brushless Motor Drivers

BLDC Motor Drives to be released soon:

Brushless motors are synchronous motors and offer several advantages over brushed DC motors like more torque per watt (increased efficiency), increased reliability, reduced noise, longer lifetime. It can be operated at higher speeds and capable of operating with less noise and electromagnetic interference. BLDCs are compact sized and generate fast response.

Advantages of Sensor less BLDC Motors & Drivers:

  • System Efficiency Optimized via closed loop motor’s control.
  • Absence of sensors allows for motor miniaturization.
  • Absence of sensors reduces the motor cost.
  • Wire count reduced from 8 to 3 (the 3 wires for the 3 motor phases remain, but the 5 wires for typical Hall sensors are removed) reducing the cost of motor again.
  • Increase in system reliability as low wires means fewer chances for incorrect function.
  • Useful for high speed applications like especially for speeds up to 80000 rpm.
  • Applications needing speed and/or torque control while motor is rotating and with limited load at startup are especially well-adapted for a sensor less drive.
  • Less complex assembly, lack of internal commutator might allow for a slightly smaller motor size.

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