Electrical Parts

Electrical Parts

ALL CNC related electrical parts and board :

Breakout Boards

PP-BOB2-v2 works with Mach3, LinuxCNC etc, it has 4 axis (5 motors) single ended outputs with one motor out buffered twice and brought to connector for easy connection of 2 motors for gantry style CNC machines. All inputs are opto-isolated and filtered for noise. Comes with built-in charge pump that keeps outputs disabled in the absence of charge pump signal. Also has isolated PWM to 0-10v convertor output that is used for connection to Variable frequency drive for spindle speed control. Supplied with 1 meter high quality DB25 parallel port cable.

PP-BOB3-v1 has all the features of PP-BOB2 but has differential outputs for direct connection to servo drivers, 2 inputs in this board have high speed opto-coupler for connecting encoder input. Both boards work with 24v input power and have internal resistors, so inputs can be connected to 24v input signals, test out put on the board generate 1khz signal to test stepper or servo drivers in the absence of signal from computer.

PWM to 0-10V convertor

Used with Mach3 software to generate isolated 0-10v signal to control VFD, also has 2 output relays for VFD On/Off control, one of the relay is triggered automaically when PWM signal duty is more than 10% saving one output.

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