Reduction Assembly

Reduction Assembly


Tiny Controls presents a Reduction Assembly application that is a perfect example of using advanced manufacturing techniques like laser cutting to evolve a 4:1 box perfect for gear reduce using this arrangement.

This box is designed for Nema 34 motor and is modular in design. The shaft size on the big pulley end is 15mm in diameter which suffices most motion transfer requirements.

Please note that the pulley and belt of are of the HTD 5 m form factor which is suitable for High Torque transfers provided by NEMA-34 steppers/ servos.

The current width of the belt is 15 mm and can be customized to wider ones at an additional cost.

Reduction Gear Assembly 


  • Positive grip of belt with pulley grooves eliminate slippage and speed variations and offer high mechanical efficiency.
  • Timing pulley has high tensile strength, efficiency and capability to provide output without noise, slipping and speed variation. These are made up if closely grained cast iron which is completely oil tight and dirt proof.
  • Convenient in contrast to other reduction gear boxes for maintenance and gives long time performance.

Application includes:

  • Motion transfer in pick and place applications.
  • To increase resolution of job performed in CNC machinery such as CNC plasma, CNC routers.

Reduction assembly 4:1

Reduction assembly 4:1

Reduction gear assembly for Nema 34 motor : 4:1 reduction Fits Nema-34 frame stepper motor 1.5 modul..

INR 5,900.00

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