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High Current Linear and Switch Mode Power Supplies for CNC Control Boxes

Tiny Controls offers fully-assembled open-framed High Current Linear Power Supplies and Switch Mode Power Supplies designed for use in CNC machine control panels. Our range includes power supplies with Toroidal transformers and EI transformers.

Listed below are a few important features:

  • Outputs are rectified and filtered.
  • 11000uF/ 100V bulk capacitance for the filtration of rectifier outputs.
  • Multiple screw terminals for easy star connection to multiple motors driven in a system.
  • Small Size and light weighted power supplies.
  • Additional regulated 12 V supply terminal for miscellaneous usage.
  • Additional rectified, filtered and unregulated 24 V supply terminal.
  • Status LED for mains and regulated 12 V output for making the task of debugging easy.

Given below are the different types of Power Supplies available at Tiny Controls. Please click on the product or ‘model’ link for details.
PLEASE NOTE : Kit does not include the base plate. Included items are : Transformer, Power Supply Card and mounting fixtures.

Linear (Unregulated) Power Supplies for CNC Machines          
Model Transformer Output-1(4)
Weight (approx)
TL-150-1 EI-CRGNO 24V (8.5A) 24 V (800mA) 12V (800mA) 5.0 Kgs
TL-150-2 EI-CRGNO 33V (5.0A) 24 V (800mA) 12V (800mA) 5.0 Kgs
TL-200-1 EI-CRGNO 33V (8.5A) 24 V (800mA) 12V (800mA) 5.5 Kgs
TL-300-1 Toroidal-CRGO 42V (10A) 24 V (800mA) 12V (800mA) 6.0 Kgs
TL-300-2 Toroidal-CRGO 33V (12A) 24 V (800mA) 12V (800mA) 6.0 Kgs
TL-500-1 Toroidal-CRGO 59V (12A) 24 V (800mA) 12V (800mA) 8.0 Kgs

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