Racks and Pinions


Rack and pinion, Spur gear and Helical gear

We are engaged with the supply of ample assortment of industrial gears like Spur and Helical gears and Rack and Pinion Gears.

Spur gear and Helical gear

We are the suppliers of a wide range of spur gears for varying industrial and machining applications manufactured from finest raw material and are as per industrial norms. We are engaged with supplying the helical gears used for connecting perpendicular shafts in a crossed gear mesh. These are used in many industries like material handling equipments, cement plants, sugar mills, chemical plants, petrochemical fields etc and offer heavy load tolerating capacity. The gear offer the lesser vibration and hence applicable to many heavy load applications.

Spur gear and Helical gear

We offer a wide range of Rack and Pinion systems gears, based on industrial quality standards. It is a kind of gear that provides the linear motion from rotational motion and vice-versa. Racks and Pinion gears are used in the wheeled applications. The arrangement provides a best performance and minimum backlash compared to other mechanisms and it eliminates the need to form the gear teeth. These are durable and ideal for high load applications.

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